Welcome to the British Educare (BE Consultancy Ltd.), one of the largest and fastest-growing educational consultancies with the utmost will of being the most prominent one in the top tier names of the guides helping students who are willing to study abroad.

We are originated from the United Kingdom but are based on many countries around the globe. Now you can also find us in Asian countries as well. We are expanding with the hope of delivering the best service possible in the field of work, directly to your zone.

BECL dreams to be on every part of the world doing the same job but reaching more and more of you every year and with that dream, we are headed forward and we always demand your constant support and faith that you all have been putting on us for the past decade throughout our whole journey to this position.

Our success share goes to each of you who have been supporting us from the beginning and to those who have joined us during this wonderful journey.

We work with most of the prominent universities around the globe to get you to your expected and dream study destination. Often people struggle with their documentation, files, and submissions, etc. which ultimately put the students in dilemma not knowing where to seek help from.

To solve this problem, we are here with all the expertise needed to be able to make your dream a success and come true in reality. We are here to make you dream big and fulfill it.

We have always been that one-stop people need to get done almost all of their procedures regarding university and visa applications including their interview and language preparation courses as well as visa and after visa guidance. We have got you handled.

To serve you with the best expertise, it is a promise we have been keeping for the last one decade!

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