How to get an internship as International Student in America

In today’s environment, having a decent degree is no longer enough to land that all-important graduate job offer. When it comes to creating a successful career, relevant job experience is now just as important as your degree and test scores. As a result, internships have become a crucial tool for individuals looking to differentiate themselves. But how can you secure a good internship during your degree?

Networking is Key

The most efficient way to get internships is to network: It’s not so much what you know as it is who you know. It’s a talent that you’ll need to hone as your profession progresses. You should actively create, reinforce, and sustain relationships with your professional goals in mind and create links with like minded people that will provide you with career opportunities and vice versa.

Many foreign students who have landed coveted jobs and stipends strongly advise networking. According to recent employer surveys, almost half of all vacant positions are filled through networking! So start honing your networking abilities and you’ll have a great tool that will serve you for the rest of your career.

Websites to help you find an internship

LinkedIn is definitely the best place to go if youre looking for an internship. This website is a professional social media platform dedicated to making profession networks, finding jobs and hiring employees. If you haven’t made an account yet, go do it ASAP as it is the go-to website to find internships. Glassdoor is another website you can use to look for an internship, they have many postings and are updated very regularly.

Never underestimate the power of a google search. If you are a marketing major, just Googling the words “paid marketing internship in Houston” or something a long those lines may land you your next job. Besides these, there are also websites like Youtern, Idealist and that can help as well. And don’t forget, your very own university website may have job postings as well that you can apply for!

Practise for your Interview

When applying for an internship, you will almost always be required to attend an interview, which may or may not be a determining factor. Many international students are nervous about interviews and are anxious about their accent or ability to speak properly. Practice is the most effective method to overcome your interview fears. There are many videos online that help you with how to answer interview questions effectively and how to give good interviews. You may also be able to book a mock interview session with your college’s career advisors to practice giving interviews and also get some good tips.

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