How to live your life to the fullest as an International Student in the USA

It’s no easy task to leave everyone behind to pursue your dreams of studying in America. To many, it is the most difficult step they had to take in order to level up in their life and further their professional and academic careers. Although it may sometimes seem quite daunting, there are many ways that you can make your study abroad opportunity into something fun, exciting and happy.

The number one stress factor for international students in America is finances. It may be difficult to always work and study at the same time, and the working conditions may not always be the best. Remember to take full advantage of your semester breaks and holidays. During these times you can work full time and get extra cash to support you when you can’t work as much, for example during exam season or when you’re pouring all your hours writing your thesis.

You can also do tutoring work during your time as a student. Being a private tutor to high school and middle school students can bring in that extra paycheck that will help you pay your rent and bills. Lots of students take up tutoring in order to spend a little bit extra when it comes to their living costs.

After graduation, you can still stay in the United States to get experience in the employment market. All majors are eligible for one year of OPT, which is optional practical training. This allows them to work for a year while on a work visa. In the case of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), you can observe for up to three years before having the chance to be recruited by a firm.

With a good degree, good grades and a little bit of luck, you might be able to land a job and start working on a work permit or visa. This is great news to anyone who is looking to settle in the USA, as a full-time job and monthly salary can provide you with a great deal of freedom and satisfaction. The United States is always looking for young professionals and fresh graduates willing to fill up the job market, and as long as you hang in there, it just might be you!

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