IELTS and UKVI IELTS have created a big fuss over the years in students’ minds for they seem to be in the exact patterns, formats, scoring standards, difficulty levels, contents, etc. and yet different than each other.

If you’re interested to study abroad, you might be very familiar with the word IELTS already, especially if you come from a non-native English speaking country. Yes, it is the most famous standardized testing system to judge English proficiency. Here’s the deal.

The ordinary IELTS and UKVI IELTS both have Academic and General Training versions of tests used for separate purposes and even though the questions, testing patterns, standards, etc. of the ordinary and UKVI IELTS are almost the same, there is one major difference between them.

The UKVI IELTS is especially accepted by the UK Visa and Immigration or what we call the UK Home Office and also by all the British educational institutions. You don’t have to be sitting for the UKVI IELTS necessarily if you’re intending to get yourself into a British institution.

Simply because these institutions also accept IELTS. But if you do so, you get some extra advantages which you might be missing out on if you give the ordinary IELTS while applying for the UK.

As earlier mentioned, almost all the universities of the UK accept normal or ordinary IELTS too. But they have a certain requirement or in terms of IELTS, we call it a certain band score for each program that you need to achieve in your test to get an unconditional offer letter to study in that program of that particular institution.

However, if you cannot score the required band score, you need to sit for another IELTS test. But here, if you had sat for the UKVI IELTS instead, only in terms of the UK you would’ve got this advantage of still getting a chance of studying in that particular program if you got less band score than required but this way you would’ve had to do a presessional English course along with your intended program. This way you would’ve saved both your pennies and time by not sitting for the IELTS all over again.

In UKVI IELTS, there’s this specific barcode and administrative requirements outlined by the Home Office that makes it different than the usual IELTS. This is the very basic and main difference between these two exams.

However, you need to keep this in the back of your mind that even the UKVI IELTS works until a certain band score. If you get less than what a presessional English course requires, you might still have to sit for another test even though you have a UKVI IELTS result.

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