Our History

British Educare (BE Consultancy Limited) started from scratch more than a decade ago. It is a United Kingdom (UK) based consultancy with the sole purpose of being a one-stop for the students in different parts of the world who want to study their higher education abroad, mostly in the first world countries or the English speaking countries.

We started with very little in our hands to offer but by the dedication of our excellent team members and staff, and by our united hard work, we are more than glad to share with you that we have expanded our business globally and over the past years, we have had a record of serving more than 500 students from all around the world.

As you can tell, we have had quite a journey and today we are here being one of the fastest-growing consultancies, it is only fair to tell that we bring you the best of all and when we say your satisfaction is our priority, we do mean it.

We could have all these dedicated years because of the extreme trust and faith that people have put on us so far. We are more than honored to be a trusted one among the top tiers and we hope to continue this journey to serve you all.

We’ve recently opened offices in South Asia, with more offices planned for North & West Africa. We expect the support from all of you that we’ve been getting until now. We assure you of our loyalty, honesty, and dedication to our work.

Get in contact with us today for your free consultation. Let us be the one to guide you to your future.