What is the new Graduate Visa Route in the UK?

The UK is looking more enticing than ever for future international students with their new Graduate Route policy. Implemented from July 2021, this new Graduate Route will allow all international students graduating after July 2021 to apply for a UK visa and look for work.

If you have graduated with an undergraduate or master’s degree from a recognized institution, you will be eligible to apply for this Graduate Route visa. The duration of this visa is two years, and so gives you ample time to live and work in the UK and gain valuable work experience. It may also provide you enough time to get hired in a permanent or contractual position, allowing you to live and settle in the UK. As a Ph.D. student, you may even be eligible for a three-year visa.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been much confusion about the eligibility of this Graduate Route. The rule of thumb is: If you started your degree in autumn 2020 or spring 2021, you must be in the UK by 21st September 2021 to apply. If you will start your degree in autumn 2021, you must be in the UK by 6th April 2022 to apply.

Your application process will start after you have completed your entire degree. You must also be in the UK while applying. The great news is, you do not need to hold any sort of job to be eligible, you can first get the visa, and then start looking for a job at your own pace. There are also no salary requirements or cutoffs you need to follow to be eligible.

This is a great opportunity for international students graduating after July 2021, as it will help you gain world-class work experience, allow you to work in internationally recognized companies and institutions, give you opportunities to further your career, and allow you to have a higher quality of life. This new scheme will provide current and prospective overseas graduates kick start their careers as global citizens.

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