Who we are and what we do

British Educare is a British student consultancy firm. We have only one purpose of working in this business and that is to guide students who are in dilemma about their future and/or are willing to study their higher education from a sophisticated country to make a better future for him.

As complex as it may sound, but we work with dreamers. We work with those who can dream big and take bigger decisions to set sail. Life keeps giving choices to take a turn and change it to people but it always has to be the person who knows how to stand up, take the risk, go for the bigger option, and find out what the hype is all about!

We are working with exactly these people who want to dream big and go abroad for their higher education, to get better degrees, and take their standard of excellence to another level. BECL is the perfect platform for those people too who know what they want but don’t know how to start or where to start from, people who have dilemmas regarding the paths that they should go for.

BECL is a one-stop service provider for the above-mentioned people. We have had the chance and good fortune to treat more than 500 of these people until now and we are hoping to expand this number five hundred times more by getting your support.

With us, you can expect to get done with getting out of the dilemma of choosing the right country and the right university for you. We love to hear from you, we love to know about your plans by providing free counseling sessions so that together we can choose the right university and the right country for you to complete your higher education.

Now come the application and legal process. You will have your documents and your files assessed by the well-trained, experienced, and modernized counselors of our team that also have specifications and expertise on different countries to give you a proper guide to simplify and organize your file for the applications and all.

Your university application will be done and submitted by us as well as you will be getting preparation classes for facing your internal interviews with the university (if there are any), and also visa interviews. On top of that, we have the availability of doing IELTS courses with us.

We have a separate department for that in each of our branches to make sure you are done and dusted with your language proficiency conditions and you can also register for an IELTS test through us.

Last but not the least, if everything goes well, we will be the one to submit your visa application to the embassy as well. And there’s one thing more that you would want to know and that is you can even expect an after visa guidance as well as help to find the right accommodation for you too.

This is why we call BECL a one-stop service for you. So, what are you waiting for? Contact British Educare today to start your free consultation and get a chance to study in your dream destination.